Is 123HelpMe Legit?

There are many possible reasons why people wonder if the 123HelpMe website is a scam or an honest essay writing service. 123HelpMe doesn’t offer a guarantee of money back. It isn’t easy to get assistance from the customer support department and its resources aren’t plentiful. The site isn’t equipped with several functions. Take a close glance at the things you’ll need to know before choosing this service.

The 123HelpMe website does not provide writing services

The 123HelpMe website doesn’t offer proof of legitimacy but it does offer essay writing advice and inspiration. There aren’t many concerns about privacy, security or financial details. Its popularity is founded on the quality of its essays as well as other kinds of written work, but it still fails in some circumstances. It may also have less-than-satisfactory plagiarism-checkers. Therefore, customers should be careful while using the site.

Although it’s a popular title, 123HelpMe does not have customers support personnel. You can only contact customer service representatives by using the contact form at the top of the page. The contact form requires specific information such as your name, email address along with the subject of your message and. For a quote request, customers can send an email. A representative may contact the client if there’s an increased chance that the problem will be addressed.

The warranty does not offer an unconditional money-back guarantee.

There are many reasons to stay clear of the 123 Help Me however none of them are due to a guarantee of money back. It does not provide security assurance, so when you choose 123 Help Me to make a payment for your order it is important to know that they won’t reimburse the wrong payment. It is impossible to get the money returned if the product doesn’t meet your needs. Additionally, their low ratings make it difficult to be sure.

123Helpme does not provide contact details via their website. It is possible to reach the customer support representative via the Contacts tab located at the top of the page. Enter your name and email address as well as a brief description of your issue. They won’t respond immediately to any emails. Instead, you’ll have to wait for days or weeks before getting the money back.

The company isn’t able to provide good customer service.

123HelpMe One of the most famous websites for writing is 123HelpMe. It is however, lacking in support for customers and is not as effective as other services with regard to this. The company does not provide the services of a personal manager or easy way to reach an agent live. Customers are advised to get in touch by email. They must record their names along with the subject of the email and the type of issue they’re facing. Then, they must be patiently waiting for an answer.

There is no way to tell if 123helpme can be trusted. Although it provides a variety of academic papers to choose from, their essays generally aren’t of high quality. There is no assistance from a live contact number as well as the proper guidance for solving assignment issues. While 123helpme has some advantages but it’s important to keep in mind the disadvantages prior to deciding whether or not you want to utilize their services.

The variety of resources are limited. offers essay writing services on the internet. You can browse the essays by keywords and organize the essays according to popular topics. To show the level of each paper, they are color-coded. They can be used as research papers only. But, they can’t be included in a complete project. 123HelpMe has a broad selection of essay topics.

While 123HelpMe offers a huge sample of writing samples, it does not have an active staff of writers. You may be able to find an essay that is suitable for the requirements of your class, however it is possible that you will be disappointed by the writing quality. Their writers lack the required skills or experience in writing papers of the complexity and nuance that your instructor expects. Althougtitle23HelpMe offers a large collection of essays and other writing samples, its writing quality is not guaranteed. The writers at 123HelpMe aren’t professionals. The company also doesn’t offer an effective plagiarism checking tool.

The system is not protected by data

The security of data at 123HelpMe is inadequate. For one, 123HelpMe does not provide contact information for its customers. To contact them, clients must navigate to the “Contacts” section at the bottom of the main page. In order to reach them, they must enter the email address of their choice, along with the name, topic and concern. Most likely, they will receive an answer to their emails within a couple of days. If not, it may take several weeks, or perhaps days, for them to respond.

123HelpMe has no direct discount system. Members can get discounts of by up to three months’ advance, but not immediately. Unless you are willing to spend a significant amount upfront this isn’t a good idea to use 123HelpMe. They also do not provide adequate privacy protection. Protect your credit card number, and any other data. Personal information could be leaked to them. Secure your data with a password-protected website.