It resulted in the notion of Zoisite which have an enthusiastic unrequited like having Endymion getting appealing to admirers

It resulted in the notion of Zoisite which have an enthusiastic unrequited like having Endymion getting appealing to admirers

Sailor Aluminium Seiren and you can Sailor Head Crow have been shown regarding the comic strip to express good prickly click to find out more relationship where Direct Crow was defensive from, and you can exasperated because of the, the new scatterbrained Aluminum Seiren. Some admirers have chosen to take Direct Crow’s affections on her behalf functioning mate as the research in their mind getting couples, and for evidence of the girl with an unrequited love for Aluminium Seiren. This type of admirers as well as possibly point out that you can find the thing is that between such characters and you can Zoisite and you will Kunzite – in the two cases this new quicker experienced of the two is actually murdered by the chief regardless of the pleas of more capable that, and in case more knowledgeable of these two after died they called out of the other’s title.

Luna and you can Artemis

In the French dub of your comic strip, one another Luna and you will Artemis have been female once they first appeared, and that required which they were lesbians. Although not, Artemis try later on called a male within the then symptoms.

Male Homosexuality

Since show’s protagonists and you can antagonists was basically mostly female, especially in the fresh later on story arcs, numerous boys were shown as the gay about show, more so from the comic strip continuity than in other places.


Listed below are characters having a gay intimate positioning that has been clarified for the a minumum of one sorts of the newest series’ cannon.

Kunzite and Zoisite

These Shitennou had been displayed given that gay couples about cartoon, and it is stated in the passageway in the music Sailor Moon – Gaiden Ebony Kingdom Fukkatsu Hen (though it was leftover unclear into the later musicals). Zoisite try exhibited since younger, even more teenage of the couples in lots of from their measures he did to own his chief and companion Kunzite. The 2 worked together towards several era and you will Zoisite made use of the suffix “sama” (?), a suffix which suggests high regard, whenever discussing Kunzite. Whenever Zoisite is actually slain, Kunzite supplied your their past should “in order to perish wondrously” and you can surrounded your having herbs; the guy in addition to stored an enormous grudge against Worst Prince Endymion which the guy held accountable to own Zoisite’s death. When Kunzite passed away, the guy named aside Zoisite’s term. However, the fresh manga don’t expose the 2 contained in this white, and also the Information Collection makes reference to its relationship to be way more in that way off brothers.


Regarding comic strip, Fisheye was shown very much the same so you’re able to Zoisite (since an effeminate homosexual child), and also in truth are probably so much more effeminate than simply Zoisite. Fisheye was not inside a stable dating as well as over the course of Sailor Moon SuperS try interested in numerous boys, including Mamoru Chiba; the guy as well as try a consistent get across-closet and you can commonly pretended to be a woman to help you attempt to interest such boys. You to definitely exception compared to that was in brand new event 140, as he dressed because the a person whenever pursing Yoshiki Usui, implying one Usui try publicly homosexual themselves. On the manga, however, Fisheye had a much less region, like a monster-of-the-big date, in which he attempted to entice Ami as a part of brand new Dry Moon’s agreements.

Partner Canon

Here’s speculation one of fans about you can easily gay/bisexual positioning certainly one of emails, through situation and you may innuendo, that is often indexed for the enthusiast cannon.


Fiore’s addiction to Mamoru Chiba about Sailor Moonlight R movie have contributed of numerous fans to conclude you to Fiore are homosexual. Ami Mizuno advised that Mamoru is appealing to guys during the site to that on the R flick, and therefore added one other females so you can jokingly name the woman perverted. Although not, it is also likely that this new alien was only obsessed with Mamoru, as he is the actual only real buddy Fiore you may previously consider which have.

Real time Action Zoisite

On live-action series, Zoisite is showed as actually protective regarding Prince Endymion to the part of fixation. The guy desired to breakup Endymion and you may Comfort, just who the guy didn’t trust. Likewise, his concentrating on away from Sailor Venus within this lady time since decoy little princess, and his awesome after collaborative shot together to split upwards Usagi and you will Mamoru features contributed some fans to indicate both have been attracted to each other.